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Letters of Support

West Coast Hort Must Express its needs!

Plumas Wood Fiber is in the formative stage, and is seeking funding to implement the project in California. That funding will come from a variety of sources, all of which are meant to address the problem we have with forest biomass. Because of recent wildfires, much funding is currently available for projects, such as ours, that make commercial use of forest biomass.

The grantors and lenders involved (USDA, Cal Fire, IBank etc.) want to know that there is interest in the project. So it is very important for the West Coast hort industry to express it's needs. If you are a grower, or a supplier of potting substrates, please write a letter of support, or sign the one below, and send it to Plumas Wood Fiber, to express your desire and need to see locally produced quality potting substrate available to your hort industry. 

Copy and paste the following letter into Word, print, fill out and send to us. Or, write your own letter. Send to:
Plumas Wood
PO Box 70
Greenville CA 95947



PLUMAS WOOD FIBER of Plumas County, CA

PO Box 70, Greenville CA 95947

To whom it may concern:

       We the undersigned have seen the information presented by Plumas Wood Fiber regarding their intent to produce horticultural potting substrate from forest biomass. This is meant as a replacement or supplement for peat moss in horticultural potting mixes for commercial use and retail sale.

       We fully support this effort for the following reasons:

-Supplies of peat moss have been erratic in recent years, making those of us that buy it regularly concerned about future supply. We need alternatives.

-Cost of peat moss has risen in recent years, and the horticultural industry would prefer stability in the market for potting substrates. Wood fiber promises to present a consistent supply.

-We recognize that peat harvesting is not considered a sustainable practice for various ecological reasons, and we wish to participate in sustainable growing practices, which wood fiber substrate represents. We understand that wood fiber production assists fire mitigation efforts as well.

       For these reasons, we will seriously consider purchasing the product that Plumas Wood Fiber intends to market, so long as it meets our demands for a quality potting substrate.






Type of horticultural business-

Business Name-

Business Address-

Volume of potting substrates bought/sold yearly-

Price we will pay for wood fiber substrate-

Other comments-

Thank you!

Questions, comments contact us at

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