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The Science

Analytic testing of processed wood fiber substrate

Plumas Wood Fiber has partnered with Dr. Brian E. Jackson of North Carolina State University, who leads the Horticultural Substrates Laboratory at the Raleigh campus.

Dr. Jackson doing what he loves, working with substrates in the laboratory. Here he is reviewing samples sent by Plumas Wood Fiber

Plumas Wood Fiber sent to Dr. Jackson samples of western wood species for analytic testing. He says western wood species have never been tested for their use as horticultural substrate. Species tested are Yellow Pine, Sugar Pine, Douglas Fir, White Fire, and Incense Cedar. Results of the testing will be published in late 2023. 

Dr. Jackson's graduate student, Jack Bobo, has been all over the chip samples, as you can see from the photo below.

Jack put together some preliminary results from the research, click for PDF.

Dr. Jackson's students working with the wood chip samples sent from California by Plumas Wood Fiber.

Science and Industry Media

Extensive scientific studies have been conducted on the use of wood fiber for growing media, and research is continuing. The following webinars and articles reflect this research;

-Academic article by Dr. Jackson:

Evaluation of Peat Blended with Pine Wood Components for Effects on Substrate Physical Properties, Nitrogen Immobilization, and Growth of Petunia (Petunia x hybrida Vilm.-Andr.)

-Presentation by Jack Bobo, Brian Jackson's graduate student, on phytotoxicity in wood fiber substrate:

-2021 Webinar with Dr. Jackson, with extensive info on wood fiber use in horticulture.

-2015 Webinar with Dr. Jackson of, a basic intro to wood fiber.

-Article by Dr. Jackson

-Article by Dr. Jackson

-Webinar with Dr. Glenn B. Fain, Auburn University, and Daniel Norden, Senior R+D Developer, Profile Products, maker of Hydrafiber

-Policy statement from the Royal Horticultural Society on peat extraction

-Science paper from the Royal Horticultural Society on peat alternatives, see sec. 4.1

-Magazine article on Hydrafiber

-Presentation by Premier Tech on their wood fiber extruder machine and process-

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